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GOLD 22K 1GM Rs 2,940/-
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It's a gift that will earn you a great deal of respect. Gold is perceived as the ultimate reward not just because it has a high resale value, but also because its value keeps appreciating with time. In India, gold has traditionally been the preferred investment option. Acquiring gold has always been a sentimental, poignant moment for an Indian. It has also been our experience that gold as a corporate gift has always been treasured and employee motivation levels have notably gone up.

Corporate Branded Gifts

Looking for a valuable gift for your employees? Gold is a perfect gift instead paying out cash or any other gift. Gold as a gift is an easy convertible into cash or ornament or it can be great a saving. It would also be an attractive incentive that you can easily publicize and takes away the confusion on an apt cash reward. Achakottil offers you gold coins or any other ornaments as per requirement as a gift in a very short notice or you can discuss with us to find the best plan to pre-purchase the items for a future event. We will help you with elegant gift boxes that will add glamour to your corporate gifts. We can also help with your brand embossed on the gift boxes or on the gold coin or the ornament.

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